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  1. Excellent article Stephan. I completely agree with everything you said there, particularly the point about free not being free. And I also concur about Wealthy Affiliate being the number one web hosting service. You are obviously well informed and you must be a great asset to any person needing help online!
    One question, how did you add the tabs of testimonials and examples within your text like that?
    I absolutely love it!

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Thanks Iain, appreciate it 🙂 In regards to your question about the tabs, I use a visual editor plugin called Thrive Content Builder which I wholeheartedly endorse!

  2. Man this article really helps someone out with hosting problems!

    I actually didn’t know the fact that hosting companies outsource their support to other countries just so they save some money I guess. That’s crazy.

    I experienced this type of bad communication where I couldn’t understand the customer service, but not with a hosting company. Now I know why.

    Thanks for the informative post about hosting, I’m glad that my website is already being hosted by the company you recommended 🙂

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      You’re in good hands Dejan!

  3. Stephan, you present an excellent case for hosting with Wealthy Affiliate. One thing I like about WA hosting is that they provide the spam filters at their end. Now I now longer need to add a WordPress plugin like WP-Spamshield to stop spam coming into my comments blocks. As you mentioned your experience with Hostgator, I used them for years. I heard their problems of customer service started when they were bought out by another company. I ended up moving my website hosting to a company called Insty me. They are really good. They even provide members autoresponder services through their Amazon Web Services account. Considering the size of Amazon and the volume of email they send, their service has to be good. Since joining Wealthy Affiliate, I have been consolidating my websites at WA.

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Hi Glen, great comment, thank you. How would you compare the support services of Insty me to Wealthy Affiliate?

  4. Hi there! I just stumbled upon your article on the best web hosting support and thought I would just drop you a comment to share my thoughts on the subject.

    I have been in the internet marketing niche for quite a few years now and have seen varying degrees of support. I have always worked with WordPress sites as it just makes life so much easier. I’m not technically minded and don’t want to go to far into the technical stuff associated with building a website. I just want to set up and create content!

    Over the years I have worked with 3 hosting companies. The first was Hostgator, a very well known hosting company. To my surprise, their support was really bad. So bad in fact that I moved my business away from them after just 2 weeks! If anyone out there is considering hosting a WordPress site with Hostgator, think again! The support agents I spoke to were quite rude and didn’t care about my business in the slightest.

    I moved my business to Godaddy after that. And what a contrast! I purchased both domains and hosting services from Godaddy and their support was outstanding!

    However, just over a year ago I moved my sites once again. This time I moved to Wealthy Affiliate as you recommend in this article. It just made total sense to move there as I wanted to learn more about affiliate marketing and hosting was included within the membership! It’s a bit of a no brainer really.

    I have only needed to use the hosting support with WA once, but it was excellent and very fast indeed.

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Awesome, thanks for sharing your experience Andrew!

  5. Hello Stephan,

    It’s interesting to know all those great reviews I’ve come across for some web hosting companies like HostGator are due — at least in part — to the high affiliate commissions they offer. It’s actually not surprising as I think they would do anything to get new recruits. By the way, can you name a few third-world countries web hosting firms hire for customer service?

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Hi Tar, well, one is the Philippines for sure. India is probably another.

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