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  1. Hi Stephen,
    Thank you for a this article sharing many of your tips that will be very helpful as I have a bipolar family member. I agree with the creative professions or one with animals as they are considered therapeutic for a reason.
    I know that you mention business owning as an option, do you think in some fields the stress might be a little too much and might worsen the condition?
    Thank you for a great article!

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Thanks Andrea! To answer your question, yes, some businesses would most certainly be too stressful. Public relations and event planning immediately spring to mind.

  2. Sandra jones says:

    I am bipolar and was a hairstylist and hated it. Being around people and having to make them happy all the time was a hard job. In the hairstyle business there are a lot of problems and people you work with that are untreated bipolar, borderline personality, and drug addicts. No all but some. So, it can be a very difficult job.

    1. I agree with Sandra. I am also a hairdresser and found interpersonal relationships with co-workers hard. I work in customer service now…retail. It’s crazy hours but I seem to be doing okay. I would love to be self-employed but staying on task can be hard.

      1. You can actually do customer service from home. Some companies let you choose your own hours.

  3. Jacqueline Mayfield says:

    I totally agree with freelance writing. I have been freelancing on and off for three years. My goal is to make freelance writing my full-time career once I find higher paying clients. I have worked in customer service, and it is a terrible job for people with bipolar disorder. Thanks for the job ideas.

  4. Timothy Kearney says:

    Hi Stephan,

    I have always wanted to write and feel I’m at place where I can really pursue it. I have been unable to keep for the last 2 years. One or more of the unhealthy variables of the workplace has made its way into the jobs I have had. Do you have suggestions for how to start in the world of freelance writing? You comments would be much appreciated.

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