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  1. Very informative post. My mom suffers from OCD and I never realized how crippling it can be. I have it a little bit but it’s not to the point where I need to avoid certain jobs. Now that I’m realize the true depth of it, I’ll be sure to inform her and give her the solutions. Thanks.

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Thanks Tiffani. 

  2. Quite the informative post, well done. I only have a couple questions and please forgive me if I come across…the wrong way. It seems there are more and more diagnoses of mental illnesses across the board where there was very few not so long ago. Do you think this is something that’s been lying under the surface or swept under the carpet until recently? Or, could be a result of Big Pharma pushing their pharmacuticals down our throats?

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Hi Jim, I think there are many contributing factors, including those you mentioned. I also think the breakdown of families and communities play a big role as well as replacing religion with secularism and rampant materialism.

  3. Thank you for this helpful post on jobs for people with OCD. Not only do you identify what jobs to avoid, but you also offer ideas on what types of jobs are good and specific fields that work well. Success is knowing where you can thrive! Thanks for the helpful tips!

    1. Stephan Zev says:

      Thanks Katie

  4. Tony Camilleri says:

    Thank you for your good advise, it is very helpful. I suffer from severe OCD that affects both my personal life and my three previous jobs. My worst problem are my compulsions when I am working with someone such as asking him/her several repetitive questions that even though he or she knows that I have OCD after a while it starts to get annoying. I think the best solution is working alone so I will not bother anyone and even me I get stressed from these compulsions but I can’t control my self. With medication I am much better but still, these uncontrollable compulsions effect my concentration of what i am actually doing at work.


    Tony Camilleri from Malta

    1. Thanks Tony, I’m glad you found it helpful. Good luck to you 🙂

  5. Hi Stephan, i just firstly wanted to say how brave and strong you are.
    Secondly, thank you so much honestly for your sincere and informative post re job selections to choose.
    My brother has severe OCD, the obsessions, not the compulsions. He is so unwell and takes stilnox to cope during the day. He is struggling so badly on his own with it, sometimes he believes he has it, other times now it’s something else. He really wants to work, he hasn’t been able to work for years now… but this post brings light that there are some jobs he can do, we just need to get him started and focused, so he will feel like he has a purpose and income and progressing with something for himself. Not sure if anyone has any good medications they have found that really helped them or someone they know/love with OCD. I am open to all suggestions for help.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Ana, I’m glad you find my post helpful! While corresponding with another OCD sufferer recently, she mentioned that ‘Exposure And Response Prevention’ therapy has really helped her. Perhaps that’s something for your brother to try? I wish your family the best of luck!

    2. As an OCD sufferer I can vouch for changes in my diet as being helpful in diminishing my symptoms. There is some science behind this theory and considering how the makeup of the foods we eat influence the brain positively and negatively it makes a lot of sense. Again when I eat well nutritionally my OCD symptoms diminish dramatically. Like I said “When I eat well” as this does not happen over night if you haven’t eaten a nutritionally balance diet all your life. For me it is a work in progress and I hope my experience can help others.

  6. I have a very high stress job working for the government. I’m 41, and am considering going into the trades; quite possibly HVAC or welding. My main OCD concern is whether I’m typing outrageous, insulting, and incriminating statements into my data entry and the legal decisions I prepare. I go to great lengths to check, and while I’ve never found anything, it gives me little comfort. Time for a career change for me. I wish everyone out there the best of luck. I’d really take a hard look at the amount of stress in your job. I’ve noticed that as management continues to “tighten the screws” on us, the OCD symptoms tend to worsen. I really feel that my OCD exacerbation is my subconscious telling me to find something new as a result of too much pressure.

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